Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NHS - Nanny High School

The dreaded words for students. You've got detention . Isn't there some voice that says to board members that the school does not have jurisdiction over students? Apparently not.

A school district in Illinois said that kids who post images of themselves engaged in lewd, inappropriate or illegal behavior - even off school grounds - are subject to disciplinary action. School officials say they are not trying to censor students but to protect them.

That's right, kids. Mom and Dad can punish you all they want, but they can't protect you like your friendly neighborhood school district. Consider the illogic of this. Michelle Vented about the unbalanced nature of some educators, and she didn't even touch on the teachers who are too busy sleeping with their students to bother with teaching their charges.

Like most ridiculous things out there, this probably had its roots in some well-intentioned idea that there are child predators out using the Internet and when young high school (and middle school) boys and girls get whacky and post pictures of themselves behaving lewdly, it is advertising to child predators. But as Augustine said,t eh road to hell is paved with good intentions. The responsibility to teach kids not to advertise their sexuality is the parents. When our society sends them mixed messages about appropriate sexual behavior, it really falls on parents to sort it all out. Not schools. Not the government. Parents.

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