Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More on Google

Dan Riehl is spouting common sense today echoing my point. Why Google Will Eventually Stumble is the beginning note in what will prove to be a thundering creschendo. This point is the key:

I also wrote that if they were smart they would understand that in order for their newer products to take hold, they needed early adopters - precisely the kind of people they are consistently ticking off due to little if any real customer service.

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What the folks at Google seem reluctant to grasp is that staggering stock profits and market share in an semi-profitable ethereal business, like search engine usage is a recipe for irrational exuberance. Google will stumble if people stop using their search engine.

Dan recommends: ASK.COM
Why not give them a try in June and see if Google notices the ripple in their beloved market share.


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