Tuesday, May 23, 2006

G to the double O G to the L and an E

Make sure though when you talk to Google, you speak only out of the left side of your mouth.

Reports are quickly circulating the 'Net of a purge by the Almighty Google. A purge not of Hizballah's Al-Manar or Khilafah.com.

But instead Google News is purging conservative publications for the troubling reason of we don't have a reason, you're just gone. Noel and Marc Sheppard have collaborated on a piece that appears today at both the indispensable The American Thinker website and also at NewsBusters.

Charles over at LGF notes that the cold hand of the Grim Googler has tapped the shoulder of both Outside the Beltway and Dan Riehl as well.

What should conservative make of this?

First, we should note that Google's strange bedfellows make them unreliable as a Plain Dealer. (HT The aforementioned Thinker piece, but also Michelle Malkin, LGF and others) Secondly, what do conservatives do best when challenged, turn to the marketplace. We should not regulate or force Google to change their ways. If Google wishes to be the Internet clearinghouse for MoveOn propaganda and Jihadist hate speech, so be it. Let them. Conservatives with a penchant for writing code should band together in an open source way to build a better search engine, a better news aggregator. When the left took dominance of the classroom, we worked for vouchers and for transparency in public school. With the left firmly entrenched in Paleo-Media, we pioneered new media. So let's stop complaining about Google. Just like ABC, CBS, NBC, and company, Google's actions reveal them to be left leaning. That's fine, it's a free country. They are not a public trust. They are a publicly traded company. They are not as the Sheppards quote from a suit by Kinderstart.com an "essential facility." Neither Wal-Mart nor Itunes nor any other company providing a service is an "essential facility." They are a company. If they won't play fair, you divest. You find competitors to support with both your business and your investment dollars.

Glenn's right, we are An Army of Davids Google is Goliath. Have at him!


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