Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's the little differences, right Vincent

You know when you are talking to a friend and he (or she) makes so much sense and youa re so glad that you ahve a friend with a clear head on his (or her) shoulders, who gets it (whatever it is), you know? Then one day you overhear said friend explaining what you and he (or she) talked about to someone, who let's say mildly disagrees. And your friend is just railing away completely oblivious that whatever brilliant and salient points he (or she) might have had a chance to make have been lost, because our came condescension. Yeah, I see you nodding there.

That's what Crunchy Cons mean to me. I have mildly followed the debate in the blog at NRO. I have nodded along to some points and then feel whacked over the head with a two-by-four when someone uncorks a wild statement like:

6. Small, Local, Old, and Particular are almost always better than Big, Global, New, and Abstract.
So I’ll put the question to Jim and any other “conservative” very directly: Are you willing to state that “with a few exceptions, anyone who would place an infant in daycare is a negligent parent and a negligent citizen”?
Can anyone envision a truly conservative philosophy which could honestly say “in no way whatsoever am I trying to tell you how to live your life”? I don’t mean that rhetorically, I’d like to know.

Now don't get me wrong, there points they are making I agree with. But the methodology I found annoying. And don't get me started on the whole idea that I would suggest that moving far away from one’s kin is virtually never a true economic necessity and almost always rooted in selfish desire. Just don't go there.

Being inclined toward the libertarian perspective, I don't want to replace an all encroaching government with a neighbor who thinks he has found the universal truth and that I need this universal truth in my life or I will be totally unfulfilled. It is better if I discover that truth through my own investigation than in an instance where I am told I am selfish or not quite human if I disagree.

Maybe they are being blunt and honest. And good for them. Maybe they are right. Maybe they have figured out this cold fusion mumbo jumbo. Maybe Sartre should have talked to them. Maybe they know where Godot is and why I have spent so much time waiting for him. But don't tell me you're right. Show me that you're right.

Live it and embrace it and let your light shine as an example. Then when I ask you, hey, you are so serene. Or you have so much peace and calmness. Or you seem so happy, what's the secret? That's an invitation to share.

Hat tips on almost all of these quotes to Jim Geraghty over at TKS (the blog formerly known as the Kerry Spot).


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